How does our Solar System work?

Through personalised inquiries the students have been teaching and learning about Space, the Planets and our Solar System. During the afternoons the students have begun sharing their presentations. They have not only benefited from the peer tutoring but they are developing their Public Speaking skills also. It has been a fantastic collaborative activity.
Riley chose to investigate the planets and their role in our Solar System.

14 thoughts on “How does our Solar System work?

  1. Hi Senior G!
    Wow Riley, your powerpoint was really good and I learnt a lot from it. I especially loved the pictures you put on and it was a great way to present. You even taught me about a planet I have never heard about, Ceres. Well done!

    From Siobhon

  2. Dear Senior G,
    Rileys mini project was very interesting,
    you even taught me about a planet I had never even heard about. You’re presentation was really well and I loved all of the pictures. Over all it was a great project and I can’t wait to see more. From Georgia

  3. Dear Riley,
    Congrats on a successful project presentation!
    I like how you put a colour picture on eachnslide so their was a visual of each planet. It was clever to do a dwarf planetthat we hadn’t heard of before.
    My favourite part was the way you ordered your facts on each slide. The facts were interesting and kept us engaged.
    Keep up the great work!
    From Chloe

  4. Hi Riley,

    Yesterdays powerpoint was great.During the slideshow you said a new planet and it is a dwaft planet called Ceres.
    over all it’s a great mini project 🙂

    from Holly and Jonathan

  5. Hi everyone
    We both thought that your presention was really awesome.
    We were so happy yesturday that we learnt a new planet that was called ceres.
    We liked how you put three dot points for every planet.
    Overall it was a great presention.
    But,Why did you do the solar systerm?
    From Hailey and Gemma

  6. Dear Riley,
    I thought that your project was a fantastic piece of work. I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know such as Uranus is 67 times heavier than Earth.
    Overall this was a fantastic project.

  7. Hi Senior G it’s Lizzy here!
    I really like Riley’s slideshow it was very informative about planets and how they work.
    Your post is informational and I know I understand the planets better.

    I really enjoy your posts I cant wait to see more in the future!

  8. Dear Riley,
    I thought that this was a fantastic piece of work. I learnt a lot of stuff that I did not know such as Uranus is 67 times heavier than Earth.
    Overall it was a fantastic project.

  9. Hi everyone,
    Today Riley did a fantastic presentation about the Solar System. I learnt that Ceres is a dwarf planet. He had great use of language and an appropraite format. Overall I think that Riley did a great job and I am looking forward to his next presentation.
    From Vanessa

  10. Hi Riley

    That was a really good project presentation.

    I enjoy it and learnt alot about the solar system and dident know about a moon being a dwarf and did you know that if a white dwaf gose into the sun we all die becuse about the explosion it was really good keep up the good posting and subscibe to chinny pinnys

    From aziino

  11. Hi Rilly, this is Yianni. I liked your Powerpoint because it was educational and funny. I have learnt a new planet that I had never heard of. It is called ceres. It is a dwarf planet.
    From Yianni

  12. Hi everyone!
    i really enjoyed showing my power point with you. I hoped you enjoyed it because I put alot of time and effort into my power point and hoped you learnt about our solar system.
    From Riley.

  13. Hi Riley,

    I’m Simon, and would love to comment on your presentation.

    Looking at your slide show, was great! I have learnt about the planet, “Ceres” – which was interesting! I have enjoyed your presentation about the Solar System, as it also had the correct format. It also had the right images, with was good. I think your idea to use this to show everyone, was appropriate.

  14. Hi Riley,
    Great presentation.
    I like how you did a planet most of the class had never heard of, it was ceres, and I never knew that planet existed. What was your favourite part of your presentation?
    It was great to see your presentation and I thought it was really interesting.

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