What would happen if a meteorite hit the earth?

The students have set their own Inquiry by choosing a topic about space then researching a Rich Question. James wanted to find out more about Meteors and the effects of a meteor hit on earth. It has been fantastic to see the students involved in personal investigations, setting their own challenges and the excitement about discovering the answers to their own questions. We are looking forward to all their presenatations later in the week.

2 thoughts on “What would happen if a meteorite hit the earth?

  1. Dear James,
    Wow! I’m happy we aren’t being hit by a meteorite! I don’t mind the sound of the tempruture dropping (for the polar bears) but a crack in the earth could do a lot of damage to the natural and man-made world. If one does occur I hope it hits the earth, not the sea, that could be terrible.I love the way you made some pages very imformitive; others quite interesting but with pictures. Is your topic space? Nice pictures!
    From your friend at Greenfields,

  2. If it hit near us we would be squished and frankly dead. If it hit land and desert it would leave a big pit of rubble. One hit the lands in Africa and if you google meteorite damage in Africa it will show images of the damage.
    I think this is a great topic and its very intresting.

    From Emily in Maple (greenfields) 🙂

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