Students discover the Planets
What are the features of Mercury?
Mercury is a very interesting planet. Mercury is the smallest of all the planets in our Solar System and it is the fastest moving planet. Mercury rotates every 88 earth days and rotates every 48 km around the sun. Mercury is one of the hottest planets in the solar system as it is closest to the sun. It is up to about 450 degrees C.
Mercury has a rocky landscape and it’s made out of rock. Even though mercury is the smallest of all plants it’s a very heavy planet. Scientists think it’s because it’s made of iron in the centre of the planet. This planet has huge cliffs and scientists thought they had found ice on Mercury but they are not sure they did. Mercury has a huge crater on its surface.
Mercury was named after the ancient Greek god Hermes but the Romans later named it after their God, Mercury.
Mercury is easy to see in the early morning and it’s easy to see at night too. It is a fascinating planet and it is wonderful to see.
by Hailey

4 thoughts on “Students discover the Planets

  1. I love your information on Mercury Hailey. I did not know scientists had found ice on Mercury until I read your blog post. from imogenb

  2. Hello Melbourne!

    That is so interesting I never new that! I love all of your information, how long did it take you! Mercury is so interesting!

    From Greenfields Maple.

  3. Wow I never knew that It was that hot on Mercury. Now I know we want hot weather here in England but about 22 degrees would do not 450 that is just too much. I did not know that it was he fastest moving planet and also the smallest. Well Done.
    From Nathan M

  4. Interesting. I never knew gods had anything to do with the subject. And I never knew that it travels round the sun at that speed.

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