Mars Rover Landing

For many years I have been wondering if Aliens existed. I am about to tell you what they have recently discovered on Mars.
On August 5th 2012, NASA sent a Rover to Mars to discover if there is life, take photos and collect samples from the ground to see what it is made of. The shuttle that took the Rover there travelled at 13,200 miles per hour and it took over 8 months to get there.
The Rover was powered by nuclear power and it landed safely inside a crater on mars called the Gale crater. The Odyssey satellite was there also and sent pictures back to earth to show its safe arrival.
It was a great mission but I am still wondering whether they will ever find life on Mars.
by Fintan

5 thoughts on “Mars Rover Landing

  1. Hi KidsJig,
    We also saw that clip, which was a very interesting one to watch.
    Great parahgraph, Fintan! It really sounds like you were interested if there’s life on Mars. You also told good information about it too. Well done on getting it on the blog!

  2. Hello Fintan,

    Mars has certainly been in the news for a very long time. Since Giovanni Schiaparelli reported seeing canali (canals) on Mars back in 1877, people have wondered the existence of life on Mars. Your post has good information about Mars and I see you didn’t fall in to the trap some do of thinking life has already been discovered. 🙂

    Recently, Mars Curiosity Rover was reported to have found organic chemicals in soil samples. This suggested life may be or once was on Mars but as yet they haven’t discovered life itself. Hopefully people aren’t expecting to find human-like creatures or furry little animals running around although wouldn’t it be incredible if they did?

    Here is a NASA quote, “[Mars] might still contain life in some protected and hospitable environments, such as those deep underground. ”

    People such as yourself interested in science and space are important to our future understanding. People’s curiosity drives them to find answers. 🙂

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Hello Kidsjig,
    I enjoyed watching this video too. It was quiet interesting and full of many facts. I didnt even know that they had sent up a rover (robot) to collect rocks for experiments. I also like our topic for this term- OUT OF THIS WORLD! It gets straight into deep thinking and we have almost finished our projects.

  4. Well written Fintan. Sure sounds like you have a passion in this area. Today i asked the question about what people may do in the future, and maybe you will become a scientist, as Ross suggests in his comment as well, and discover your answer!! You’ll never know if you don’t have a go!!
    Good luck Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  5. Thank you!
    For quit a while now I have been wondering if there is any life on Mars, this has helped me find out more and I hope one-day we CAN find out…

    From your friend in Maple class

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