Starlab Incursion

Today the CSIRO came to our school and brought the Starlab. It was an amazing big black bubble which we all had to enter. Once inside we sat down and above us shone the stars from the Milky Way. They explained all about the planets, the stars, the sun and our galaxy.

-The Sun is called Sol. It is a Latin word.
-The sun has black spots which are the coldest parts.
-The sun is a star that rises in the East and sets in the West.
-The earth rotates around the sun.
-There are 8 planets in our Solar System.
-Pluto is no longer a planet as there are asteroids that are bigger than it.
-Pluto and the large asteroids are now called Dwarf Planets.
-A constellation is a group of stars.
-The constellations make 88 different pictures in our night sky.
-There are 12 Star signs in the constellations.
-The Southern Cross is a constellation of 5 stars that is near the 2 Pointer Stars.

7 thoughts on “Starlab Incursion

  1. Hi Guys!!!
    That looked like so much fun! I wish i could have done that. (Imagine camping in there for a holiday!) It looks like you learnt a lot of facts about the milky-way in there. Thanks for sharing this post, i enjoyed reading it!

    From Poppy, Maple class, Green-fields!

  2. Hi, it is Gracie and Charlotte from Maple Class. You guys looked like you had loads of fun! Is your topic space by any chance? We thought by seeing the pictures that we would like to come to your school to see you, and also have some fun with you. We liked all of your fun and useful facts as well, we didn’t know many of space facts until we saw this awesome post.

    From your friends, Gracie and Charlotte.

  3. Hi,
    Because your learning about space i’m guessing this has something to do with this… Anyway inside there looks really cool and I wonder if theres anymore facts.

    From your friend in maple class … Matty

  4. Hey Guys Its Me Brades!
    just remembering that exiting time when we were just waiting to see what was inside this big black room then I realized we were looking at planets and moons and it was lots of fun.This event was fun and exciting Beacous I had no idea what we were going to do


  5. Wow! It looks like you had fun because I know what it is like because I have been in one in year five. I wish I could of gone in with you.
    From your friend Zain

  6. Hi Senior G,
    At my school, we had the same thing come to us!
    We leant all about the stars and the sun. We found out that the Sun is slowly getting bigger, and we started to predict what would happen in the future!!
    Keep up the awesome learning!!
    From Sarah

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