Skyping with the students at Highlawn Primary School in Bolton, UK

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On Friday night I sat up late and skyped with our blogging buddies in Bolton, UK. The students were very excited and so was I. The students at Highlawn have an award winning blog. They all contribute their writing, ideas, puzzles and more, on a daily basis. Along with our other pent blogging group from Newcastle, Maple class and Canada, we each take turns to be the focus blog. The other classes visit the focus blog and leave comments or ask questions. As it was Highlawns turn to be our focus, it was great to have the opportunity to skype with them. Some of their questions included:
Where is our school situated?
What is it like in Blackburn south?
What time do Australian students attend class?
What subjects do Australian children learn?
Do they learn another language?
What do Australian students eat for lunch?
They also wanted to know what my favorite subjects are to teach. I couldn’t choose between maths, art and blogging.
Thank you again to Mrs Duxbury and her fabulous class for the chance to chat with the blogging stars of Highlawn.
Picture courtesy of Cherise Duxbury

12 thoughts on “Skyping with the students at Highlawn Primary School in Bolton, UK

  1. This is fantastic! It must have been such an exciting experience to Skype with your Quadblogging partners. I hope that we can organise a Skype meeting with ourselves here in Newcastle at some point too!

    Mr. Heeley and Y5/6 at Hilton Academy

  2. Thanks Mr Heeley
    It was great fun and a terrific experience. I hope that we can skype soon.
    Verona Gridley

  3. Thank you Mrs Gridley,
    I also enjoyed it! It was fun learning about the things you do in Australia! I had suck a great time and am looking forward to skyping with you again! (Or maybe meeting you soon!)
    From your friends at
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  4. Hi Mrs Gridley,
    thank you for staying up so late to skype with 6D, it was 11 oclock in the morning here and 10 oclock in the night in Australia . I hope we could have another skype lesson with you soon. One question: if you are a leader in a subject what are you?
    Reece and Annalese High Lawn 6D.

  5. Dear Junior Blackburn students,
    It was fun skyping with Mrs Gridley, we had lots of fun! We found out alot about your school and class and found simmilarities and differences. We finish our school year in the middle of July and have a summer holiday. In Austrailia it would be winter. We are both looking forward to possibly seeing Mrs Gridly in the new year. Please vote for us on the edu blogs awards as we have been nominated and short listed. What was Mrs Gridley’f favorite part of skyping with us?
    Anna and Holly

  6. I really really enjoyed this skyping session and I hope we can have a skype session where we can actually see your students. I cant wait till we do this again, and I have lots more questions to ask you and your class. It was fun skyping with you, however I would much rather meet you in person and cannot wait to see you when you are visiting england! I am looking forward to our next skype session, but I am even more excited to see you in person!

    Tegan xx
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  7. Hello Juniour Blackburn, I am Aamina N from High Lawn Bolton. I had an amazing time skyping with Mrs Gridley. Thank you ever so much for staying up at night just to skype with us. I hope we skype with you again and I also hope we can skype with your class aswell!
    From Aamina N at

  8. Dear Junior Blackburn,
    When we did the skype I had butterflies because I was so excited. I really liked how we got to ask you questions about your school and I also liked how you asked us. How did you feel when we skyped? I really had a great skype sesion. Thankyou.
    From Caitlin .

  9. Hello, I am Zain from High Lawn, Bolton. I really enjoyed skyping with you. It was great fun and I enjoyed learning about your school and your blog. I also learnt lots about your school and different areas around your school. Thank you for staying up SO late.
    From Zain at

  10. Dear Mrs V. Gridley,
    I really liked doing the skype session, did you? Unfortunatly, I didn’t get to ask you any questions, so I’ll ask you two of them now.
    Have you ever seen the Olympics?
    How many lessons do you do in a day?
    Out of your life-time, how many times have you had snow? (Unless it was just for New Zealand!)
    I would really llike it if you, or one of your students could maybe answer them. I hope to hear more from you, and your class!
    From Julia

  11. What a fantastic time we had skyping together and I hope we can skype together again sometime before we break up for our 6 week holidays. It was so fun and we lot’s of questions but we will ask them you a different time. I am also excited to see you next year.
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    From your friends at

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