Our Natural Disaster Models

Over the past few weeks we have made some interesting discoveries about Natural Disasters.
As a homework task we could create a model of any natural disaster. There were some amazing moving models including
Bushfires, Avalanches, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Floods and of course- Volcanoes.
We discovered that the best mixture for a successful exploding volcano was dishwashing liquid, vinegar, bi-carb soda and food dye.
Natural Disaster Models on PhotoPeach

18 thoughts on “Our Natural Disaster Models

  1. I really enjoyed this homework because you could use your information skils and your artist skills for making your model and speech. And i had a great time doing this homework and see-ing how all the other homework and how it worked

  2. Hi Mrs. Gridley!
    They were awesome to watch. Even though I didn’t actually make a model, everyone else did HEAPS of volcanoes….imagine if someone did a bushfire working model with actual fire…that would be epic. I liked how not EVERYONE did volcanoes. If they did, it would be the same thing over and over again. I thought Sarah’s jelly flood, Joe’s sugar cube and Madi’s earthquake as well.
    Venice 😛

  3. Hi Mrs. Gridley,
    I loved making these models and especially watching other people (the volcanoes were the best to watch). I would love to make another one.
    I did a model on river floods.
    From Nic

  4. Hi Seniors,
    I loved this homework because it was different to other homework,
    it made it more interesting, I also thought that making a model was cool,
    and seeing everyone’s was even better!!!. There were volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and many more, everyone did a great job, and I had so much fun watching!!!

    From Conor
    P.S Did you enjoy mine?

  5. I really enjoyed the task to create a moving model or a diorama I really was impressed with the creativity of everyone and one of my faviorite things was watching the volcanoes erupt and I would of liked to see all of them

  6. Hey Guys!

    Wow! That was a fun homework task. It felt like it was my PLT! I really liked how not everyone did volcanoes and people were so creative! I liked Mairead’s idea alot. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see all of them. Anyways, It was a fun experience and I hope we can do it again!

  7. Hey guys,
    I really enjoyed doing dioramas and models i really liked all of the exploding volcanoes! KAAAPOOWWWWW! I loved how they were all so different and creative especially Mairead’s one with the scrolling background. I did my project on Tornadoes and it was really fun and interesting.
    We sooooo have to do this again because it was really fun.
    ( I sent this post ages ago and it didn’t show sorry)
    From Georgia

  8. Hi Seniors, I liked how for your homework you did natural disasters and I liked the different disasters that you made – Dan S.
    I really liked how you made volcanoes, cyclones, tornadoes and lots more. I wish we could do this for our homework – Pat
    I really enjoyed your Natural Disasters scenes. A question: if you were in a natural disaster which one would you prefer to be in? – Riley B
    Hi Seniors, all your models looked great. I would really liked to have been there to watch them all – Tessa
    Hi Seniors, I liked how you were so creative and you did really great models – Laura
    Hello Seniors, those models were epic! I wish I had been there to see how awesome, cool, and amazing they were – Joe
    Which model did you think was the best after the volcanoes? Why? – Ben
    Hi Seniors, I thought that that was very interesting. I loved the video because they all looked good – Nick N
    Wow! What a great idea for homework. I really liked the ideas of making things for your homework and then sharing them with all the seniors – Amber
    Nice job Seniors! Very creative and amazing. I wish I could have seen it – Ciaran
    Hi, it was really interesting how we got to see natural disaster models. Which volcano erupted the most? – Gemma

  9. Dear Quad buddies,
    I really like the look of some of those natural disaster places. In guided reading, we are reading about, on dangerouse grounds. (The topic in Mount Vesuvius, in Popeii) What would you do if you were in a natural disaster? Did you have fun making these models? I probably would, as I enjoy doing art very much. (As well as writing.) What is your favourite topic? Visit us at
    From Julia

  10. Wow! looks like you had fun creating your natural disasters and in class we are doing something similar to that but we are doing it in a shoe box and creating enviroment. It also looks like you had fun blowing them up with powder and chemicals.

    From your friends at http://www.6D2012.highlawnprimary.net

  11. Hello
    I found it fun to watch you re-enact natural disasters! I esspecially liked your volcanoes! Harrison at 6d.2012.highlawnprimary

  12. Hi Annalese,
    The students had two weeks to make their models at home.
    They had to research their chosen disaster and then create the model. They did have fun making and presenting their natural disasters.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  13. Hi mrs Gridley! I think making models are a great homework activity because I rather making something than doing homework in a book. It was awesome watching how all the models worked and my favorite one was probably Joes!

  14. Dear seniours,

    Wow, it looks like you had fun creating your natural disaster models. Making models is fantastic it was diffrent to other homeworks. What kind of natural disasters did you create? Was it your faviroute topic?

    From Nathan and Aamina.I
    Please visit- (Www.6d2012.highlawnprimary.net)

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