Art Show 2012

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of our school we held a brilliant Art Show. Each class contributed at least 2 artworks per child. It was a great celebration of our Art skills.

5 thoughts on “Art Show 2012

  1. Hi! Wow, your art gallery looks amazing! It must have taken a lot of preparation? Did you get many visitors? We had a similar art gallery set up here at Hilton last year and it was fantastic to show off our work to so many people!

    Thank you for your kind comments on our blog – we absolutely love reading them!

    Mr. Heeley and Year 5/6 at Hilton Primary – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, UK

  2. Wow your art gallery is amazing, we had an art gallery two years ago and we all had to make a picture of picasso by using diffrent shapes.

    By Aamina.I


  3. Wow your artwork looks great ! We once had an artweek and we could buy our paintings in a frame , we made them all week working on them everyday . You obviously worked on them everyday because they are beutiful and I would buy one of them , if I had the money , I would buy them all and put them in an art exibition

    Well done everyone
    From CharlotteD

  4. Wow, bthat art show must have been really good fun. Did anybody create anything unusual? Did parents come and see the amazing work you have all done? Once we had art week and it was really good fun and our parents could come and see what we had done. I think all of your parents would we very pround of you all. Well done keep all the good work up.
    From your friends at High Lawn

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