100 Word Challenge

Crackle! Pop! Sizzle! went the fire. The loud bats were flying above their heads, talking in a loud manner that noboby could understand. It was quite warm up there in the mountains. Everybody was camping under the shimmering stars.
There were many families there, all singing, and eating while the kids played in the forest. All of a sudden, the adults stopped. They could hear shrieks of laughter and cries from the young children, in the woods.
Then the temperature dropped suddenly as the bats fell to the ground, dead. Nobody spoke. They were all staring into the forest, waiting to see who or what would come out. Unfortunately the creature was too quick. The families were never seen again.
by Sarah

Soccer is a great game by Conor
The temperature dropped suddenly and the crowd went silent. The best player in the universe stood only 12 metres away from the goals and only 5 metres from the ball. The chilly temperature did not help the tension in the crowd but it did not seem to bother him at all. At this moment he was only a kick away from winning the tournament. He took a deep breath. He started running faster and faster and ….BOOM! The ball was flying through the air. It was a GOAL!!!
The crowd went crazy. The tournament was theirs. The team celebrated their new champion.

It was a hot summer’s night but I was getting shivers down my spine. I tossed and turned as I felt a cold breath of air across my shoulders. The temperature dropped suddenly as bright lightning bolts struck and loud thunder crashed. I was getting goosebumps from my head to my toes. I put my head under my pillow but the breathing was getting faster. My heart was pounding but then it stopped. I woke up and saw a spider scuttle across the floor. Had it all been a dream? But there it was again. The cold breath blew across my face.
by Amy

7 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Dear Senior G,
    Sarah’s story is so spooky and I love the way she describes the sound of the bats.
    Conor’s story is fun footy action that really captures AFL tension.
    Amy’s story is creepy and her adjectives are creative.

  2. All three of these are fantastic!

    The vocabulary in Sarah’s is brilliant and the use of sentences in Conor’s and Amy’s work really builds tension.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Well Done, I loved your story! You created a spooky atsmophere! I think that you should turn that into a story because I was really hooked! I cannot wait to read the ending! I like how you used paragraphs with only 100 word words! You are an amazing writer! KEEP IT UP!

    Dear Conor,
    Well done, your story was great! If I was in that situtaion, I wouldn’t carry on! Would you? Your story was great, however you could of used connectives to connect some of your sentences together! I like how you used short sentences as well; to create tension!

    Dear Amy,
    Well done, you are an amzing writer! I like how you used a connective at the start! Do you think you could of used a better connective than ‘but’? Like Conor, you used great short sentences such as ‘The cold breath blew across my face.’ I love your writing!

    From Charlotte.W
    at http://www.6d2012.highlawnprimary.net

  4. Dear Amy, Conor and Sarah,
    Wow! I love your one hundred word challenges – they’re really creative and I love how much ambitious vocabulary you use! What was the Prompt that week? Were did you get your inspiration? I especially Amy’s scary story – it’s great! We do one hundred word challenges aswell sometimes. I love the way you all describe the tempruture dropping so similarly yet all your stories all make me imagine a different scene. In Sarah’s the way she described the bats really made me think I was actually there!

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