Come and walk in our shoes

What design or theme could you suggest for our Modroc Shoes?
This has been one of our favorite art classes. It was very messy, so we worked outside. We began with an old shoe or thong and then carefully applied the modroc, which is like plaster.
We now have a blank canvas on which to paint our chosen designs.

Artists creating Modroc Shoes from vgridley on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Come and walk in our shoes

  1. Hi everyone,

    The Modroc Shoes may have been messy but I can see how much fun was had by all involved.

    What design or theme?
    With spring under way – animal and plant themes
    With the Mars Curiosity Rover exploring Mars – a space and/or alien theme

    My favourite might be abstract because of the freedom it allows.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. how about some of your wonderful animals? love this project but don’t think your shoes would be good here in Britain with all our rain!! Ha! Ha! I am a teacher here and I go out to schools doing science shows. I have enjoyed reading your blog – well done

  3. Dear Senior G,
    Making the Modroc Shoes was so fun even though it was really messy! I can’t wait to paint. Deciding on a theme will be very hard.

  4. Dear friends ,
    I bet that was great fun making them shoes . It looked like you enjoyed doing it . Were did you do the shoe making ?

  5. Dear friends,
    I really like how you made the Modroc Shoes, you all looked like you were enjoying making them well done.
    Please visit- (

  6. Wow, that looks amazingly fun (we did that however with planets and football kits). It looks like you enjoyed doing it.

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