Designing garden beds in Maths

Designing our own garden beds on PhotoPeach

I have learnt that to find the area of a right angled shape you need to multiply the length by the width. I love designing my own garden bed.
To find the perimeter of a shape you need to measure all of the sides of the shape. Then you add the sides together. That is how you find the perimeter. I learnt that perimeter means the outside measurement of a shape.

6 thoughts on “Designing garden beds in Maths

  1. We enjoyed the Measuring task because we got to enjoy the sunshine while we worked. I found out that one of the garden beds were 112.5 squared metres.

    Then we got to design our own garden beds. Mine was a very irregular shape. It looked like a triangle above and below a rectangle.


  2. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the task Mairead. it is important to use our maths skills in our everyday life. The variety of designs was fantastic. Yours was very creative. It is great that you now have such a good understanding of finding the area of irregular shapes.
    Thanks for your positive comment.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  3. Hi everyone.

    I really liked the maths lesson. Not only did we have to work out the area and perimetre of 3 garden beds in our school, but we also got to design our own garden. I think we were very lucky because the sunshine warmed us up.

    After all, even if maths to some people is hard, I will always love maths. Thank you Mrs. Gridley!

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