Excursion to ACMI

Today we ventured into the city on the train. We had a carriage to ourselves so we could spread out. We alighted the train at Flinders Street Station where we gathered under the clocks for a photo.
We crossed the road and went to Federation Square where we enjoyed our morning tea. After a quick play at Birrarungmar, we journeyed into ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.
We attended a lecture on Belonging, where we discussed our understanding of Belonging and Cultural Identity. This included a series of short films which were very entertaining.
Excursion to ACMI on PhotoPeach

Our task will be to create our own moving image, using film, animation or video game, to send a message of belonging.
The Screen it exhibition was the next part of the excursion where we could play with and discover the many different types of technolgy used in the making of film, TV, animation and games.
It was a fantastic day and we cant wait to get started on our own film making.

4 thoughts on “Excursion to ACMI

  1. Thanks for this post about your excursion to ACMI. Sounds like it was a great excursion. I have always wanted to take a class to ACMI. Did you think it was worth the train trip? What was the main thing you got out of the excursion?
    I wonder how many people view this site from an iOS device? The pictures aren’t showing up, it must be flash based. Is there another way you could add the photos?
    Why would you go to ACMI again? Should I take my classes?
    Thanks again for your blog,

    Cheers from Mrs Ashby (ICT Facilitator)

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  3. Your excursion looks great, I can’t wait to see some of the movies/animations you create after all this fabulous learning at ACMI.

  4. Dear Mrs Ashby,
    thankyou for your comment on our blog.
    We all really enjoyed the train journey and it was definitely worth it.

    We loved ACMI. The variety of activities at teh Screen it exhibition is
    We all really enjoyed the Belonging lecture and cant wait to get started
    on our filming projects.

    We would recommend ACMI as a great place for an excursion.

    From SeniorG and Verona Gridley

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