Collaborating in Maths

Today we revised what we kow about measuring PERIMETER and AREA. We used cubes to create rectangles, so that we could find the length and width. It was easy to measure the perimeter and build the whole area. Some students who were very confident, were then able to explain to others how they worked out the perimeter and the area using the formulas:
L x W= Area
Robbie=Colaboration is important because all working together we can share our ideas and improve on ideas. It builds our knowledge and helps us to solve problems.
Marcus-It was great to be able to teach other students. It makes it clearer for me and for others to understand.
Amy-I learnt that a perimeter is the outside measurement and the area is the inside surface that is measured. Using the materials and working together helped me to better understand what it means.

9 thoughts on “Collaborating in Maths

  1. Wow. You do callaborate in maths well. It looks really cool and really fun. Was it fun? It looks it. This is an amazing post. You have shown that your pupils know quite alot. Your class look like maths magicians. It is good because you attracted me with the top video. You know alot about technology. And, still, there is a chunky, meaty paragraph and another video. The videos attract children and the paragraph attracts the teachers and adults. WELL DONE and keep up the good blogging.

  2. Wow! It looked like you learnt lots in perimeter and area like perimeter is an outside measurement and area is the inside measurement. You have shown your learning to the world in this post which is fantastic. Also you have shown that you made perimeters and areas with only cubes to use. In addition you included facts which were L times W = Area and L add W add L add W = Perimeter. In this post I can tell that your class is extremely confident with perimeter and area.
    I would love to see more work from you!
    Well done!

  3. I found Area and perimiter fun because we got to measure things outside and I love doing work outside. At first, I was comfused about the L and W but I understand it now. Thank You for explaing what you did in your lesson.

  4. Hi Juniour Blackburn,
    I remember when I learnt about perimeter in maths and I really enjoyed learning about it. I bet you had a good time learning about perimeter and area because you can learn alot. I think that perimeter is easy because I have learnt about but before I learnt about I Just did not have a clue. The Magnificent Mrs Duxbury tought me about perimeter and area and I really enjoyed learning about this topic in maths.
    Well Done
    From Hannah
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  5. This is an amazing way to learn area and perimeter! I have never done it that way before! You have shown that you understand how to work the area and the perimeter of something. It looks like you really enjoyed that lesson using the cubes. I have never seen any school use the cube method! 🙂

  6. It looks like you really do collaborate in maths (a bit too much I think)!, as Kasim said. Was it fun? It think that you have explained your work well to the world and have explained how you know things. I find L+w easier because you just have to add lenthgh by width.

  7. Hello
    I remember when we were leaning about area and perimiter. I thought it was really fun as well. Did you find it fun or not? When I was looking at this vidio I was thinking that you are really good a maths because it looked like you were working really hard and solving hard area and perimiter problems. We used cubes as well.
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  8. Hi KidsJig,
    What incredible and intresting new things you have learnt and myself! I think this is a brilliant way to learn about area and perimeter. Even though I didn’t learn area and perimator this way I still could use it in the future. It is fantastic that you are sharing your learning and teaching others. We used blocks too! I can definately tell that your class is confident with the work that you have shared. Wonderful work!
    From Thea

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