Skyping Quantum about Minecraft

Today we skyped with the Scientists from Quantum Victoria. They are the organisation who set up the minecraft server for our students to work on, Minecraft-Mining for Science and Mathematics. It has been a very successful project. Simon has been such a great mediator that he was awarded as the first student minecraft moderator. It was an exciting moment for all of us but especially for Simon. It was a big surprise. We also took the opportunity to ask some of our minecraft questions. It has been a great learning experience for everyone involved and it is certainly challenging many of our Maths and Science skills. Thankyou Quantum Victoria.

21 thoughts on “Skyping Quantum about Minecraft

  1. Hi,

    We are really excited to see your blog. We are Minecraft mad here at Quarry Hill Primary. We are in the process of building our class and are trying to go Quantum later in the year to do Minecraft.

    We would love to hear about the things you do on Minecraft.

    3/4 Minecrafters

  2. Thanks for your comment 3/4 minecrafters!
    We would be happy to share some of our learning and achievements with minecraft. Maybe we could skype with you one day. Going to quantum was a wonderful experience.

  3. We are mad for minecraft here, we even play it at home! do you play minecraft. Farewell fellow minecraftians!

  4. hello minecraftians, most of us here are mad about minecraft too, some of us even play it at home. we wondered how good you are at minecraft and who told you about it. do everyone play it at home to and do you enjoy playing on minecraft.

  5. Thank you Joe and Alex,
    Yes many of my students are mad about mine craft. They play at home more than at school. I am sure that they could share some of their mine craft achievements with you. Thank you for your comments.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  6. This sounds like real fun . In our class I know that some people-like Luke and George- have minecraft. Also when they go on minecraft they skype andthey discus how they are doing and if they are strugaling. They say that minecraft is amazing because they can really have fun. I too hope to get minecraft soon.

    From Tomasso

  7. Hello,
    I have minecraft and I think that it is really fun to play! Also I think that it is a really great way to build up your maths skills because there are lots of numbers. I would love to skype some scientists because they would teach me some new things and it would just be amazing to see someone that is really good on it.
    Why not visit our blog at

  8. It looks like you had a great time skyping with the scientists. I really enjoyed it when we had a scientist come into our classroom to do lots of different experiments. Did they tell you any experiments that you could do at home? I have never played minecrafts before maybe you could teach me how to play it! It sounds like a very interesting game to play!
    I would like to play this game one day! 🙂

  9. Hello I am called Taylor and I am from highlawn.
    It look like you had a lot of fun having a skype lesson all about mine craft.
    What did you learn about mine craft?
    There is one or to people how like mine craft in my class. Is there a lot of children in you class how like mine craft? I have never tryed mine craft but it looks a bit of fun.

    Taylorh (HIGHLAWN)

  10. Tom and myself, adore minecraft. Everynight, we skype and play on my private minecraft server. currently we are builder a life size model of High Lawn primary, therefore we are going ito deep detail. I can see you love minecraft as much as we do, and I hope you keep on playing on it to improve your imagination. There are endless possible things you can builder. I have been playing minecraft eversince it has come out and i have played on it for multipul years.
    Luke B

  11. This sound like a brilliant expereance to have. I play Minecraft and I really enjoy it I play on severs too. It must have been great to skype and talk to some scienctics. It must have been brilliant. Simon must have been overjoyed about it. Well done to you all!

    Tom D (High Lawn)

  12. Did you have a good time playing with minecraft, here at High lawn lots of poeple play it. But we dont use it in school time, fortunatly sometimes we use it at after school clubs. Also somtimes I use it at home because I like building things. Although after a while it get boring.

  13. Hello Juniors Blackburn,
    That sounds like good fun! I really like skyping with people at school and it looks like you do too. I would love to skype with the scientists. Like Georgia said, a scientist came into our classroom and did lots of fun experiments with us. I really enjoyed that day. I have never played minecraft but maybe I will get to know how to play it soon!
    Carry on with your brilliant learning.
    From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  14. I too have minecraft aswell as all of the others. It is really good, as George said for your maths hence a lot of number’s! My mum say’s i’m on it too much; although I don’t think that. I bet you had fun ‘Skyping’ with the scientists. What questions did you ask them?

  15. Hi KidsJig,
    This lesson\day, which you are describing sounds really fun and intresting. I know that some people in my class – like Tomasso said- have minecraft. Me and my class have skyped before with different classes around the world. They are usually are quad blogging team. Also we have skyped with Mrs Skinner (if you have ever heard of her, the 100 word challenge creater.) I have never ever played minecraft but I would love to but unfortunely I don’t know how to play it. Maybe you could do a post on how to play it. Brilliant post and brilliant pictures! I hope you had fun learning new things!
    From Thea at

  16. Hello blogging friends in Austrailia!
    Some of my friends-like Luke and George- have Minecraft but I have never felt like I wanted to get it as they described it really bad. It also looks like you had a great time!
    Even if the scientists weren’t on the reciving end of Skype, It would be great fun as I love Skype!
    From Emilia at

  17. WOW! I would LOVE to skype about Minecraft – I play Minecraft – the thing what I like about minecraft is the scenery I just love looking around and thinking of words to describe it! Despite it being a very fun thing for the class I am sure Simon enjoyed it the most. I agree with George that it would be amazing to skype with some scientists I think you could learn SO much. Please come and vist our blog
    From Joe

  18. Hi, I play on minecraft to – but it’s on my Xbox 360 – I find it EXTREMELY addictive. So far I have built a gargantuan diamond block house with a gold block flooring, attatched to a path that travels far out to sea in a checkered pattern! I can tell that you were very intruiged because pupils have said how they adore Minecraft. It looks like you had a fabulous time talking to the Minecraft people. From Ross at

  19. Wow! I would love to skype about Minecraft! Quite a few people in my class have minecraft, like Luke and Tom D. I don’t know much about minecraft, but my friends always tell me how good it is. Do your class have minecraft?
    From Megan at

  20. Hi Ross thanks for your comment. My class are wondering what your game tag is on the Xbox?

  21. Hello fellow minecrafters! I am mitchell from Greenfields. Like you I am minecraft mad but we dont learn about it in school like you! I love the game and I bet all you do to. Also has anyone completed minecraft yet or found any diamonds!
    From Mitchell

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