Fun Maths-Making Mocktails

Ruby-Today I learnt about ratio. It is the comparitive value of 2 or more amounts. I learnt this by making a delicious mocktail. I combined mango banana with peach syrup in a 3:1 ratio.
Helen-Ratio links to fractions. I made a mocktail of mango and tropical juice using a ratio of 2:1. It tasted great and I now understand what ratio is.
Carley-I learnt that you can write a ratio in two ways. It can be a part to part like 3:1 or part to whole where 1:6 is 1/6. My mocktail was lime and orange.
Maddie- I learnt that a ratio can be comparing or combining different parts. My mocktail was pommegranite and strawberry. My ratio was 1.5:2.5.
Amy-I learnt that a ratio is a measurement that can be used to compare things. I made a tropical and orange mocktail, using a 1:3 ratio. Maths was fun today and it is easy to learn when you are drinking yummy mocktails.

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  1. What a brilliant way of learning about ratio! This is the kind of maths I like!! I think I may pinch this idea but shh, don’t tell them. What did you use to measure your ratios?
    Mrs Prior, Maple Class

  2. Hello Kidsjig,

    Not only is this a great way to study ratio, you end up with some delicious tastes. I know how important the correct ratios can be. There are many fresh juice outlets that offer wonderful combinations of flavours.

    Ruby – Your 3:1 mix sounds like something I would like. A little heavier on the mango/banana syrup I think is the key to the flavour and the peach rounds it off.

    Helen – 2:1 mango and tropical seems just the flavour for summer when relaxing on the beach or for winter when we want to be reminded of those summer moments.

    Carley – A mix of orange and lime is a great vitamin C booster. Considering lime can be a sour juice, I can see why you would choose to add higher amounts of orange juice.

    Maddie – I must admit, I have never tried the juice of a pommegranite so I don’t know it’s flavour but I think I would try it. I see your ratio was 1.5:2.5. Did you know this can also be written as 3:5 ? The numbers look bigger but the ratio remains the same. Numbers can be interesting.

    Amy – A mix of tropical and orange juice in a 1:3 ratio would be a tasty mix. Seeing as tropical is already a mix of flavours, it makes you wonder what ratios of flavours were used to create it. It might also already contain some orange.

    This was a brilliant activity. I wish I had thought of it when I had a class of my own. Well done, everyone. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Thanks Ross,
    As always your wonderful comments further enrich our lessons and blog posts. It was terrific that you took the time to reply t each student. Thanks again,
    Verona Gridley

  4. Thank you Mrs. Prior,
    It was a great lesson. Not only was it fun but very informative. It also covered measurement using capacity and converting to fractions. Now the class want food and drink for every maths lesson. I think next week we will have to try some smarties maths.
    I hope that you do use this lesson because that is the great benefit of blogging, collaborating with teachers around the world and sharing all of our ideas..
    Good luck and thanks for your lovely comment.
    Verona Gridley

  5. What a fun and tasty way to learn about ratio! THAT will stick in your mind and taste buds for sure!! (I’d predict at a 9:1 ratio!!)
    See FRACTIONS are FUN!!
    Keep learning
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  6. I wish I was taught ratios, measurement and fractions by making delicious mocktails! Definately a great way to learn. Well done!

  7. Hello! It is Emilia from High Lawn Primary School Bolton!
    This seems like such a fun lesson and imaginative ideas like that helped me with Ratio and Proportion! Even though I have finished SATS and the lesson on ratio, I’d love to create mocktails -and drink them- to help me!
    Carley, I think I’d love your mocktail the most as it seems very sour as it is made up of lots of citrus juice.
    Super learning!
    From Emilia at

  8. Wow ! It looked like you had a sensatinol time making delicous Mocktails as well as learning about ratio . After you learnt ratio did you feal very confident with it ? Normally when I learn something new I don t fell confident but as I learn more . Maths is very good but something is always missing . The fun . Well done and keep your phenomenal work up .
    From Uzair .

  9. This idea is AMAZING because making mocktails is a great and fun way to learn about ratio. Did you enjoy this activity? By looking at the photos you took, I can tell you all really enjoyed that maths lesson. We learnt about Ratio and Proportion with gummy bears! We talked about what proportion was red, and so on,( at the end we got to eat them!)
    I hope you had a good time!
    From Megan at

  10. Wow, it looked like you had a good time making Mocktails. They must of been really nice, even though you werwe making Mocktails, you still learnt something. I hope you had lots of fun, also what was your favourite ingredients. Was it, mango banana with peach syrup or mango and tropical juice. I hope I do that in my school From Trey

  11. Hello Juniors Blackburn,
    I bet you all really enjoyed learning about ratio in maths. I really enjoy maths even though I struggle with it sometimes. I can tell you have learnt lots in your maths lesson and I would too. I bet you really enjoyed doing this activity in maths and I certainly would if I was doing it. Also, this is a good post because yo0u have told me what you have learnt in the maths lesson.
    Carry on with your wonderful learning.
    From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  12. I am jealous! You get to do loads of outdoor activities, but making cocktails!, pffft. Did you enjoy making them cocktails? What flavours were they? What was your favourite flavour? (I think mine would be tropical). I’ve got to go now, as i’m quenching of thirst!

  13. …WOW…. I am so jealous of you, we never get to do something like that in our school. i would love to do that. Hopefully, since we’re coming to the end of the year i am hopeing we will do this. Good luck

  14. What an amazing post! Looking at this, you are very happy with ratio and proportion. This is an amazing and delicious lesson because you are learning and having fun making the mocktails at the same time. Even I learnt about ratio and proportion in this post and would love to have joined with you. I hope that you enjoyed drinking and testing the mocktails that you made because I would have enjoyed it.
    I look forward to looking at more of your outstanding posts.

  15. Yummy! Mocktails sound delicious and I would love to taste one! You must have have had so much fun learning about ratio! We learnt it a completely different way, but if I was telling the truth I would say that your way is so much better! Your blog is phenomenal! I love the way that you learn everything in different ways. I am jealous! Well Done!
    From Ellie at

  16. Hello,

    It sounds like you had a really really fun maths lesson.I would have loved to make mocktails with you and this would help me learn how to do ratio. Did this help you inprove your marhs skills. Also, did you have FUN!

    From Tomasso

  17. Hello KidsJig,
    What a phenomenal post! It sounds like you had sooo much fun! Do you like ratio and proportion? I like ratio and proportion but because I struggled and struggle with it I got a book about it. It helped alot when the SATS came. Like Mathew I am really jealous! Mocktail is such a brilliant name. I can’t belive you got to drink your own Mocktails. I wish I could do that lesson. This is a very clever and fun way to learn about ratio! Brilliant learning! What were the favours. I have made a bananna and strawberry cocktail and smoothie before. Yummy!
    From Thea at

  18. Hello,
    I bet you really enjoyed doing your maths lesson on ratio. I would love to make mocktails in our lesson aswell and I would love to do that in our math lesson. Did it help you with your maths?
    From Hannah high lawn primary
    Come and visit our blog at

  19. I would love to make mocktails in maths! It made me understand ratio alot more that I normally do. Did it help to improve your skills on ratio in maths? Did you all have the same flavor or did you have different flavors? I would have really enjoyed this lesson! What did you learn about ratio in your lesson? 🙂

  20. Hi,
    It looks brilliant this lesson you have learnt alot in it. It look fabulous to make drinks and do math at the same time. We have done ratio and proportion too. It was really fun how we did it. But this look more fun! Good luck with other awesome maths lessons!

    Tom (High Lawn)

  21. Wow it looks like you have had a great time doing this. Also it is a great to learn because if you are having fun and still leaning you lean alot more. Did you enjoy doing this? Did you like the mocktails that you made? We did ratio and proportion as well but this is a better way of doing it.
    Why not visit our blog at

  22. Ratio is as very useful subject within maths, and this seems like a great way of learning about it! We use ratio every day. For example, yesterday I made a carrot and celeriac coleslaw where the ratio was 3 carrots for every quarter of a celeriac and half a teaspoon of salt for every 2 teaspoons of lemon juice! From Greg.

    It soulds really fun having mocktails during lessons! I wonder what they might of tasted like? Anyway, that is a really good way to learn ratio.
    Bye from Franny

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