Family Maths Night

On Tuesday night our parents came to school for a Family Maths night. We all gathered in the Discovery Centre. It was a fantastic opportunity to show our parents what we do at school in maths.
It is very hands on, with lots of concrete materials and problem solving to help us learn.
We discovered many new things together and it was great to collaborate with other families to enhance our learning.

4 thoughts on “Family Maths Night

  1. Hello Kidsjig,

    I can see by the photos this was an engaging mathematical evening for families. When I was the age of these students, there was little concrete materials in use and much more rote learning. Being able to manipulate assorted resources to help in calculation is a great way of learning. In time you will all find you won’t need such resources because you would have discovered ways of working without them. Well done everyone involved.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Hello Juniors Blackburn,
    I bet you all had a brilliant time at your family maths night. I would love to do that at our school. I bet you have all worked very hard with your maths too. Well done and I hope you continue with your amazing blogging.
    From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  3. Well done! This is a great domonation and we found out lots about how our body’s work. Thankyou for putting this amazing domonation on your blog for all the world to see your fabulous research!

  4. Family maths night sounds like a great way to encourage everybody to enjoy maths. Also, it allows people to do maths with helpful company!

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