Our Visit to the Melbourne Museum

Our Visit to the Melbourne Museum and Imax on PhotoPeach

It was a fabulous day at Melbourne Museum and Imax. The human body exhibition showed the various systems that help our bodies to function. We discovered 3D models of the inside of the body, the skeleton and the brain.
The Human Body movie, at Imax, was as big as a 7 storey building. It was an incredible journey through the body and how it functions every day of our lives. We are learning so many new and exciting things about our bodies.

11 thoughts on “Our Visit to the Melbourne Museum

  1. Hi Seniors – l haven’t been to the musuem for a long time. It looks like it was a great experience to uderstand more the workings of the human body. I believe IMAX was equally amazing too. I wonder how the day helped you understand the body more?
    I enjoy your blog and catching up with all your thoughts and reflections on your learning.
    Well done!

  2. Hi Seniors,
    It looks like you had a fantastic day of learning on Monday. I would bet that each of you learned something that you didn’t know before!

  3. Hi Seniors,
    looks like you had a great day at the museum and IMAX, Siobhon was so disappointed that she could not come along. I wonder how many new facts you learnt about the human body.
    Great work and I love your blog.

  4. Hi Seniors,
    Great that you were able to experience a different learning environment. I hope you can appreciate how clever the human body is. Did you know that we grow from our long bones and we make blood from our bones?

  5. Hello Seniors,

    Museums have certainly come a long way since I was a child at school. Back then all displays were static. They were there and you looked but didn’t interact. If we were lucky when we visited, we might be shown a film or be able to handle some samples.

    Now, with computer technology, we can interact with displays, probe databases to find more, visually interact with displays, and experience in ways not possible not all that long ago. I know the feeling of watching an iMax presentation. In my case it was a class visit to see an under ocean film. The iMax gave us an idea of scale as a whale drifted along the screen.

    Now you’ve experienced the human body iMax presentation, you have a much better understanding of how amazingly our systems work.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  6. The Museum was a great idea for the excursion. Everyone really enjoyed it and we learned so much. Especially on the system we’re learning about. Like I’m learning about the Immune system and I found out what the Immune system looks like, which really helped me on my P.L.T (personal learning task).

  7. The excursion was a great idea! Everyone really enjoyed it and learned so much on the body part we’re doing for our P.L.T personal learning task. Like I’m learning about the Immune system and I learned what the Immune system looks like because at first I had very little idea of what the Immune system was.

  8. Hi Seniors,

    What a fantastic time we had at the museum and IMAX!
    I learned lots of new things and had a heap of fun.
    From dinosaurs to the human body, the day was brilliant and I am looking forward to learning more!

    From Conor

  9. It was a very interesting day.
    We all learned a great deal on the human body and about optical elusions and what the insides of a beatle looks like.

    It was a very fun day and hopefully we will go back for another day there todo with another inquiry.


  10. Wow this was an amazing video thank you for putting it up on your blog!
    It looked like you had a really fun time at that spectacular Museum of Melbourne! I freaked out a bit though when I saw the spiders, were they real?
    Luke & Joe

  11. That museam looks absoloutely phenomenal! However, I would not enjoy the stuffed animal exhibition because I am terrified of stuffed animals! Although I dislike stuffed animals, the other exhibitions look brilliant!

    Check out what Maple class have been getting up to at: mapleclassgreenfields.blogspot.com.

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