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At the conclusion of our learning about Life in the Past we decided to create our own History by making a Time Capsule. We all wrote a letter to ourselves, drew our best picture and added special momentoes from the year. Each of us had our own bag to put in the things that represented our story in 2011. The bags were then locked in a Plastic Tub and a sign was added with a note, to open the capsule in 2015. We will all be in the senior school then. The 3 Junior Classes all gathered together and we placed the Time Capsules under the school building. It will be very interesting to see what changes in the next 4 years. We have helped to create History!

12 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. I wonder what kind of things you put in their kidsjig? was it fundid you put your most precious things in there and did you bury it?

  2. Wow! It looks like you have had a fantastic time putting your time capsual together! It’s a brilliant idea, I wish our class could do a time capsule as superd as yours. How many time captuals did you actually make and why is it to be opened in 2015? What gave you the idea of a time capsual? I wouldnt have known what to write in the letter. What did you write?

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  3. Yes it will be great won’t it. I wonder what changes 2015 will have and I wonder if they will find it. I would love to make a time capsule here at HighLawn because it would be really amazing. I like the idia of wrighting a message aswell because they will get to see your work.
    From your friends at Highlawn

  4. Hello KIDJIG, a time capsule sounds very intresting to do. I don’t think highlawn has ever done one but I would love to do one. It would be really good if when you were older you dug up the time capsule and found all your younger memories.

    Are you going to dig it up one day in the future do you think?

    If I was going to do a time capsule I would write a letter to the lives in the future and put a picture of our town and me. I think it would be really exciting to make a time capsule.

  5. Wow,
    It looked like you had so much fun doing this activity. We don’t have our own time captual so maybe we could get some by asking our teacher. I wonder if I open this time captual in the future when I am a lot older. That would be cool. Hopefully we can have a go at doing what you have just done! I like the picture where you are all outside on the grass!
    From Louis at http://www.6d.highlawnprimary.net
    Thank you for sharing you work with us.

  6. Hello,
    I bet you had a good time making your time capsual.I really want to do that but we havn’t done that at our school.I bet you had a good time and all enjoyed making it together.It looked very nice to see you working all together making the time capsual.
    Keep up all of the good work you are doing on your blog.
    From your friend,
    Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  7. Wow Junior Blackburn . Your idea of getting a time captual is great . In our school we did not even think of the Idea of a time captual . Who is going to open the time captual when your in highschool .My be the younger ones . You even wrote a letter to your self and drew a picture . That is exelent . I have got to say you are fantastic blog and a brill school . Come to our blog on http://www.6d.highlawnprimary.net

  8. I would love to make a time capule I would put things that say something about me like some of my school work. I also love the pictures guys. Keep blogging.

  9. Hi Juniors,
    I have always wanted a time capsule. My dad refused to build it for me when I was 4 so I stopped mithering him for one. I bet you have loads of fun inside the time capsule. What do you do in the capsule?

  10. Wow! I so want to do that, it would be so interesting to see what would happen to the letters in 4 years! I’m so curious. If I was doing that I think i would put what I like then when I get it back in 4 years I would see if my likes have changed throughout the years. Oh i’m so jealous! Ross at High Lawn 6d

  11. Hello Kidsjig,

    What a brilliant idea! It may seem a long way off now but all too soon 2015 will come. How much will you have changed? I can imagine the excitement of opening and reading what you had written. Will you have forgotten?

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

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