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This week we had a celebration of Learning. We have made so many new discoveries about Life in the Past so we decided to Dress up for the olden days. It was so much fun seeing all the old clothes. We worked at the old desk and shared all the things we now know about the past.
Our new learnings are:
* Life in the past was much harder than today
* With new technology we now have machines that make life easier
* The stories of our Grandparents childhoods help us to appreciate how much easier life is today
* Our grandparents worked hard to help us have a better life
* Life in the past was simpler and slower
* Children in the olden days had more freedom to play and go on adventures
* Understanding our history is an important part of our own story

7 thoughts on “Back to Olden Days School

  1. You all looked old fashioned and looked GREAT. Did you all have a good time ? Ihope you all did ! In year 2 we had an old fashioned day and we dressed up as Victorians , it was great . I hope you all had a good time YOU ALL LOOK GOOD !

  2. Your clothes look wonderful. I can see they are from a number of years back, some I recognise as being worn wen I was at school.

    A number of you were pictures sitting at an old desk. The desk is much like the ones in my classroom when I was in Year 3. We had a place for our inkwells (the holes in the desk). The desktop would lift because it was hinged so we could keep things underneath out of the way. Wat was different was the desk were permanently screwed into the floor. They couldn’t be moved. The front of each desk was the back of the next with only the front desk in each row without one in front. This allowed up to around 40 children to be in the small room. It wasn’t much fun when it was raining and we had to stay in class for lunch at our desks. 🙂

    I noticed some of you were using a slate and slate pencil. When I was your age we had stopped using them but the schools still had some so we sometimes used them for fun when we were looking at school in the olden days. We used pens we would dip in inkwells before writing, although it wasn’t longer before they were also gone and we used ball point pens. This only happened after the old Principal retired and a new one wanted to modernise some of the old ways. 🙂

    Thanks for another interesting post about the olden days.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. Hi KidsJig

    That day was so much fun. I think dressing up helped us all to get a better idea of what life was like all those years ago. The nun’s habit I wore, as many teaching nuns used to, was very hot especially as it was a warm day to start with.
    Even though life seems to be easier today, have you discovered anything that has NOT changed since your grandparents went to school.

    Ms Scott

  4. Hello Juniors Blackburn,
    Your clothes looked lovely and I bet you had a very good time.I guess you have been learning a lot about being in the olden days.We have learned about being in the olden days in year 4.I really enjoyed it too.I hope you continue to do your brilliant work on your blog.
    From your friend,
    Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  5. Wow it looks like you had a really good time dressing up old fashioned. I remember when I dressed up as a victorian an a tudor. I was very fun I hope you found it fun . I bet I was good writing on a chalkboard. Our teacher had a cane and if we were laugthing or being naughty she would pretend to hit us with a cane . I did not get it.
    Hannah at High Lawn Primary

  6. Wow! I like it how you dress up in ther old fashan way it was so good that you did all that it most have deen hard work that you had to do all that .”Was it good how you was it going there.”WAS it amizing!

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