Skype with Highlawn Primary, UK Bolton

Yesterday we had a skyping session with Highlawn Primary. We had to stay back late at school, after our family Community Arts Project. It was 8:20pm here and 9:20am in the UK.
We learnt that at Christmas in the Uk
* They have special flowers like Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia
* It is really cold and they often get snow
* They eat some of the same foods that we eat
* They kiss their family and friends under the Mistletoe
* More people in their class have a real Christmas tree but in Australia most of us have fake trees
* They are on the other side of the world so while we are enjoying our summer they are very cold in Winter
* They only have 2 weeks holiday over Christmas but we have 6 weeks
* In the UK they have a different accent to us
* We would all like to experience a white christmas and they would love to have some prawns on the BBQ for their Christmas

We felt really happy to meet some new friends in the UK.

11 thoughts on “Skype with Highlawn Primary, UK Bolton

  1. Hello Juniors,

    High Lawn is a school I’ve had quite a bit of contact with this year. I know they’re as keen on blogging as you all are. I could imagine their excitement at Skyping with you as I can see your excitement in the photos.

    When communicating with classes around the world we can find many differences but what always interests me is how many ways we are the same. As an example, it’s true we have a longer holiday at Christmas time but they also have a longer summer holiday. For them, summer is in the middle of the year and a new school year starts after those holidays.

    Blogging and Skyping has certainly extended classrooms. How many of you would have thought you would be talking with a class in Bolton, UK when you started the year? It’s a pretty amazing experience. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. I had such a great time doing the skype session with Juniors Blackburn! It was lovely to see some new faces and learn alot about what they do at Christmas in Austailia! They had some great questions that got my class thinking and they responded well when we asked them. I would love to do it again and hopefuly we will! From Emilia at High Lawn Primary School Bolton.

  3. Thank you Juniors Blackburn for a fandabbydosy skype lesson with you. We learnt lots about what happens in your country and what happens in ours. This the thing that you would really want though… snow. You can have so much fun in it. All of our class want to do a skype lesson with you because it’s really fun. As well as that your questions were fabulous. The only down side was the internet.
    From your fellow friend.
    Tom D
    High Lawn

  4. Thankyou Juniors Blackburn for staying at school to skype to use . I thought it was really fun. I have learnt alot about yor country at Christmas time. The skype session was superb and all your questions were great . I hope we can do it again.
    The little thing that made us a little slow was the Internet .

    High lawn

  5. I really enjoyed having a skype lesson with you and your class. It was amazing, I cant belive that we got signal,especially when we are on the oposite side of the world. I hope we can skype with you again, because I would like to meet you all again. Thank you very much for a great skype lesson. See you again soon!

  6. Hello everyone, it was really fun and we learnt a lot about what you did at christmas. We learnt that on Christmas day you sometimes go down to the beach and have a BBQ. As you pprobably know, we have a famous traddition that whenever two people stand under misletoe, we usually kiss.

  7. Hi Joniors,
    I had a really good skype session with you too. It was really good talking to you where we can see each other instead of talking by messaging. I have learn’t lots of thing that you do for Christmas. Have you had a skype session before? I was really exited because we had a skype session with Mrs. Skinner. I had heard of skyping before the time where we skyped with Mrs. Skinner but I had never skyped before that. I have noted some of the things you do for Christmas. Thank you for that skype session. Merry Christmas.

  8. Thank you Juniors Blackburn for that brilliant skypeing session with us. I carnt belive that it was night when we were doing the skype session also I carnt belive how we got the signal because your right at the other side of the world. I carnt wait to have another one with you.

  9. I really enjoyed that skype session with Juniors Blackburn it was fab-u-lous. I loved how we told each other what happened at christmas time in each others countries. Such as a christmas dinner, we have really hot foods (because it’s so cold) such as turkey and chicken whereas you don’t have as warmer foods as us but you still have chicken the same as us. Although we had extremely bad internet we eventually got it working so it was all good! From your friend at High Lawn primary Ross

  10. I really enjoyed skyping with you! I was so thankful because you stayed for the night to skype with us. I would love to have a hot christmas instead of a freezing, cold, dark one. It gets pitch black at 5pm. I have learnt lots about what you do and eat and use to decorate for christmas.

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