Learning about the Olden Days

The students have made their first Glogsters to share their learning about the Olden Days. These digital posters are very creative and show some of the new knowledge gained through our inquiry unit.

8 thoughts on “Learning about the Olden Days

  1. You have taken me down memory lane! One of the houses on the glogster is EXACTLY like my Granny and Pa’s house over the paddock from where I lived as a little girl!

    I remember the days when mobiles didn’t exist! Their telephone was on a wall and you held the mouth piece in your hand. One day when Granny and Pa were out, my dad and his brothers and sisters took a horse through the house and pretended to make it talk on the telephone!

    One of them walked behind with a shovel…guess why?

    It makes you realise that kids have always got up to mischief!!!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Hello Juniors,

    At the top of the street where I grew up in Sydney was a house, the oldest in our neighbourhood. It was owned by the family who had once owned all of the land around us. They were farmers.

    They had sold most of their farm after World War II when there was a need for new houses to cope with the numbers of service people returning from the war. In the house were the brother and two sisters, the last of the family from the farm. They lived in the old farm house made from fibro, timber and tin roof. Beside their house was what I thought was an old shed but, as I found out more, I knew it was more than a shed.

    The old ‘shed’ had been the one room home of the family when they had originally settled in the area in the 1800s. It was made with large slabs of roughly cut timber supported part in the ground. The original bark roof had been replaced by corrugated tin sheeting. To prevent air from getting through the gaps in the walls, it had been mud packed. There were timber made openings to serve as windows, only later with glass added. The walls inside had been coated with newspaper to keep the warmth in the house and breezes out.

    The old ‘shed’ turned out, I think, to be the oldest home in the area of Bankstown in Sydney. It was, I was told, moved to an historical site to be preserved. As I grew, the last of the family passed away and their old fibro home was gone. Now there are town houses on what had been the last of the 1800s settler’s farm.

    In time, few old houses survive. Now when I see one, I wonder what families had lived in them. How did they live? What did they do? If only those houses could speak, what would they say?

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. You have posted alot I don’t think I could post that much on my blog. It makes it more intresting because you set it out well on my classes blog we have been putting lots of lava lamp special messages and countdowns to special avents. If you want to see it the websight is,
    From Anna

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. We do like cleaning our world so it can be there for future generations to enjoy. We really enjoyed the trip to the beach.

    Your glogsters look amazing, what a great way to learn about the olden days. It’s really great to read about other people’s memories as well. A lot has changed over the years.

  5. Wow that post was outstanding I like the coulors of the boxes I hope you keep putting more fabulous things on the blog. The infomation that you put in those boxes were very intresting. I like the spotty background it really made me want to comment keep it up.
    Hannah at (High Lawn Primary School)
    come to our blog at http://www.6d.highlawnprimary.net and scrowl down to the bottom so that you can comment on some other Highlawn blogs

  6. Wow Junior G! We were amazed by your learning this term. Thank you Tom, Rosie and Alex for sharing your discoveries. You had some very interesting stories from the past to share with us and this helped the Prep children to think about what it was like growing up and going to school in the past. They all want their own slate now! I wonder which life is better – life in the past or life today? What do you think?
    Great learning everyone!
    from Mrs Swann and Prep S

  7. WOW ! I love how you did a poster all about the old times. When I read that, I was amazed. Also, I know quite alot of the times in the olld times. There not as lucky as we are now. Well done. I hope to see you doing other brillaint things,
    From Joseph ( High Lawn )

  8. Wow Juniors Blackburn! What a fabulous post about the olden days. I didn’t know that the suitcases were very heavy but now they are much lighter than they were, or that the children in the olden days used their small suitcases as school bags until grade 4 then they got a new one. You have really taught me alot from this and I will probably not remember but I will try to do so. From your friend Ellie at http://www.6d.highlawnprimary.net

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