Grand Parents Day

What a fantastic day we had when all of our Grand Parents and special friends came to visit. As we have been learning about What life was like in the past, it was a great opportunity to share our stories and life in the olden days. Our Grandparents brought in old photos to share. We showed them all around our classroom, our special work and computer skills. They were amazed at how much has changed. They enjoyed playing on the interactive whiteboard. Our grandparents shared stories about olden day schools, the milkman, the punishments, the games and the mischief they got up to with friends. It was an invaluable shared learning experience for us all.

7 thoughts on “Grand Parents Day

  1. Hello Juniorsjig,

    It looks as though you all had a wonderful time on Grandparents Day. 🙂

    It’s hard to believe I have some former students I taught in primary school are now grandparents. Would that make me a grandteacher? 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Dear Juniors,
    It was very moving seeing you learning together with your grandparents. My eyes filled with tears. Grandparents have so much to teach us, but they are also so proud of what we can show them.

    What a great morning!

    Mrs Yore

  3. Hello,
    I like how you have done Grand parents day. We all at our school did something simalar but we was doing it on someone special. I did my Granny! Did you find it interesting?

  4. We can learn so much from Grandparents, they know much more than you think, because they have been around longer than you!! Looks like you had a wonderful day, and learnt many things from each other.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini

  5. Your picture trail is amazing! I would really like to do a picture trail with my class because it looks really fun and I think me and my class would really enjoy making one, especialy if you taught . A few weeks ago, me and my class had a Parent Week and children brought their parents in to talk to the class and it was really interesting to hear about their life through the past. Well Done! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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