Playing Olden Day Games

Over the past couple of weeks we have been researching the different games that children played at school in the olden days.
We asked our parents, teachers and grandparents. We also researched on the internet.
We discovered that children around the world have many games that are the same, some are similar and some are different. Many of the games are still played today. We enjoyed trying new games like “Oranges and Lemons” ” Drop the hanky” and the Hand clapping rhymes. We hope that you learn something from our Voicethread and please add some comments.

7 thoughts on “Playing Olden Day Games

  1. Hi Juniors
    I lived your reflections about the games you have been trying out. It made be feel a bit old though as some of those were the games I played and I did not realise that I lived in the ‘olden days’!!
    Do you think it is important to know how things were done in the past?Why?
    Mrs Coffa

  2. Hi Juniors,

    I watched your VoiceThread presentation…

    Elastics, Clapping Games, Drop Hanky, Oranges and Lemons, Hopscotch, Marbles, Blow Ball, Pick Up Sticks, and Sniggen Buttons were all played when I was your age and started school in 1960. They were fun to play.

    At that time, we had black and white television and some transistor radios were being made but we didn’t have one as they were still expensive. Cassette players weren’t around although we had record players. There were no DVDs, CDs, VHS video tapes, or computers in homes. We had to have games where we didn’t need electronics because they were things of science fiction stories.

    I had finished school by the time Space Invaders made the scene in pinball parlours but, on the screen in the photo, I can see you have Pong. That was pretty much the first electronic game people could get. To have a game machine in my home, I had to put together an electronic kits using a soldering iron. It had a tiny little figure that looked something like a tiny person on a motor bike. You had to turn a knob to make it go faster or slower to try and make it jump tiny things that looked like buses.

    As I started school over 50 years ago, those games are the olden games. Perhaps 50 years from now your grandchildren will look back at the Wii, Nintendos, DVDs, Blurays, iPods and iTunes and call them olden games.

    I wonder what children will be playing in 50 years?

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. Hi Junior G

    Thanks for this great Voicethread. It’s important to hear what you think about your learning. I thought it was interesting that you noticed that some games that were played long ago are still played today. Why does this happen? Will this happen in the future?

    Ms Scott

  4. Hi Juniors,
    It looks like you had a lot of fun playing “olden day” games.
    Back then they had no electronic games like Wii(s),DS(s),and Playstation(s). They had to
    think up their own games. Today,we are very lucky to have lots of Electronic games,TV,and computers. It is hard to imagine today what life would be like without Electronics.

    From Conor
    (Ashling’s big brother)

  5. Hi Junior G,

    I used to play many of these games when I was at school and it was nice to talk about them with my family again recently. A good thing about most of these games is that you can play them almost anywhere. You don’t need to carry much with you. If you have chalk, stones, buttons, marbles and/or elastic you can set up a game wherever you are. No need for batteries or electricity.

    From Jo (Eden’s mum)

  6. Hi Juniors
    Mrs Yore told me about your blog post on Olden Days games because we had a games afternoon in ‘A Room with a View’ and played board games with some members of our community, and your research is similar. I loved your comments about your games, and the way you were able to compare times then and now. The children in Class 2 found some of the board games I used to play when I was little quite funny (like ‘Garden Bird Lotto’, which was a BIT boring!!!) but they liked the way board games were very sociable, made for groups and making you get on with your friends if you wanted to play! Do you recognise any of the board games we played? What board games do you play?
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View

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