3 thoughts on “Australian art from the olden days

  1. Great artwork Junior G. What a great way to learn about the olden days! I’ll bring some things in for you to look at from MY ‘olden days!’
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  2. Hello,Juniors Blackburn I would just like to day that those drawings are really good.I hope to see some more wonderful work from you.

    Keep all the wonderful work up.

    Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  3. They look AMAZING I am really amazed at what you have done they are really good. Give your selfs a pat on the back! Dont tell anyone but you are all BETTER than ME ! !
    Well Done.
    If you all would like to come and visit my class and see what we have been up too
    go to:www.5t.highlawnprimary.com

    from caitlin at highlawn.

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