We are beginning a new Inquiry Unit of work Titled “Time Travellers.”It will be about investigating Changes over time and valuing the things of the past.
Our BIG RICH question is “What was Life like for the people of the past?”

We will also investigate the following questions:

How has school changed?
Has anything stayed the same?
How can we find out about what it was like in the past?
What other things might have changed that we might like to find out about?
Why do things change?
Who lived in our community in the past?

If you can help us to discover the answers to some of our questions we would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “TIME TRAVELLERS

  1. I love history and I am interested in educational history.
    I have a book about education in Australia over time and also a set of readers from the sixties-Prep to year 7. I also have a copy of John and Betty which I believe is worth about $60.00 now!!
    One item that is very precious to me is my grandfathers first school book called a Primer with his name in it. It is over 100 years old. In the old days there was no plastic covering as it had not been invented yet so books were covered with brown paper. Lunches were wrapped in wax paper and put in a paper bag. Some children had tin lunch boxes.

    My grandmother went to school in the country in Tasmania but she left school when she was 12 and then she had to go to work. She had to leave home and work as a maid in a country house. She eventually came to mainland Australia for a time and worked as a maid on a cattle station in NSW and also worked at the boarding school for a private school. MLC I think. many country children had to board at schools in the city to get there education. Some of our bigger schools still have boarders still. Some of the teachers at St Luke’s went to boarding school. Perhaps they might share their their experiences with you?
    Would you like to see my collection or do you have some questions that I might be able to help you with?

  2. Hello Juniors Jig!
    What a great Inquiry Unit you’re doing! Being a Time Traveller is a lot of fun!
    There were lots of things that were different about school in the past. I work at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and we look at what it was like in the 1850’s. If you go to our website you can find out about 1850’s School Life and other topics too: http://sheducationcom.ascetinteractive.biz/?id=researchnotes
    You can also ask us questions on our Blog: sovereignhilleducation.wordpress.com or Twitter: @GoldfieldsEd
    Good luck with your Unit!

  3. Hello juniorg,
    I love learning about history especially about schools!!
    What did computers first look like when they were first designed?
    from Bridie.

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