8 thoughts on “Collaborating in Writing time

  1. Wow ! your story bird is awesome ! I really liked the way you made up animal news, I also liked the way you used adjectives they was fantastic!

  2. wow! I love your storybird. I really like how you said animal news and the story on the news was a mouse running away with a doughnut. Also I really like how you have used empathy in your story.

  3. Wow your blog is AMAZING, I cannot belive my eyes.
    Your pictures are epic!
    If I was your teacher I would be blown away with all your hard work!!!
    I bet your teacher has worked hard to Achieve this level.

    Luke & Tom
    High lawn primary school

  4. Hi, I am amazed with your storybird. It is Brilliant. Your teacher must be blown away with your excellent work.

    From Elliot and Henry

  5. Well done I am imprest with your fabulous work and will keep visiting. Your story birds are outstanding and I can’t wait till you put more awesome things on your blog. Your blog is great I will keep looking.
    Your pictures are amazing!

  6. Wow junior M! Thats an awesome story! When I get home I think I’ll have to make a story on story bird, it’s great to see all of the juniors learning so much!


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