12 thoughts on “Learning about Photography from Steve Parish

  1. WOW!!
    It looked like you had a great time and those photos are amazing!My Favouite is the close up on the lizard.
    Also your blog is FANTASTIC!! And I cant wait to see more of your awsome work

    From Megan High Lawn Primary

  2. Wow, It looks awesome where you have been. I like how you got the photograph of the snake it looks cool,also it looks like you had a brilliant day.The pictures are AMAZING!! One day if I ever go to Melbourne I have found a place were to go.By the way your blog’s EPIC!!!!!! I like the photo at the top and how your blogs set up.Could you possibly give us any tips on how to make our blog even better?
    By Matthew

  3. Where did you find all these animals. Australia has lots of interesting animals. Your blog is fantastic we are amazed with your hard work and it has paid off.
    In your slide show what type of lizard is it? Iwould be amazed if I was your teacher.

    from your friends at High lawn Joseph and Louis
    PS:Post a comment to are blog

  4. Wow! Where did you go on your school trip and what isw that lizard called i love the way it blends in with the rocks. Aswell I love the way you hjave took pictures of the animals and sharede them with us. I think your blog is fantastic and i would be prod of myself if i owned this blog!

  5. I love your slide show,It is brill I wish we could have a slide show on our blog i’m amazed by your fantastic blog to also what type of Lizard is that and what type of Snake was that.

    from Trey,Taylor

  6. Wow I’m so amazed your vidio was mind blowing I can’t belive my eyes. Those pictures are great I wish I was you. It seems like your having a lot of fun.

    From your friends High Lawn

  7. I really liked your slide show. Where did you find all of those animals at the zoo?
    Did you like all of the animals that you saw at the zoo?

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