Chefs come to visit and share their Skills



It has been wonderful having different Chefs (our Mums) come and visit us at school to teach us more about cooking.
We now know about cleaning and preparing food. We know there are many safety rules to follow.
The best part is that we get to taste so many new and unusual foods.
We have tatsed Fennel salad with Blood oranges and Crunchy Asian salad with chinese cabbage, pine nuts and noodles.
We are so lucky to be learning from these experts.

8 thoughts on “Chefs come to visit and share their Skills

  1. Hi Junior G,

    It was great to come in a cook with you. I’m glad you enjoyed eating something different.

    I wonder whether you will make it at home with your family?

    Thanks again for letting me come in and share my recipe with you.


  2. Wow Junior G, you look like you are having so much fun. You are very lucky to have such fabulous mum’s to come and cook with you. I would love you to share a recipe that you have made so that I can try and make it myself!

    From Miss Gale

  3. What a wonderful experience to have chefs creating their favorite dishes for you!! You are learning all the names of the ingredients, implements required and the recipes!! I was impressed by the way you could describe the foods you were trying!!! What would you create if you could ‘ masterchef’ anything??

  4. A terrific experience! There is a lot involved in cooking and meal planning and preparation can take a while. Did you have a favorite dish? Was there an ingredient that surprised you? I think you learned a great deal from these talented chefs!

  5. Thankyou for your comments!
    We are going to create our own recipes so we will share them when we are ready. We are very lucky to have such great parents who come in and cook for us.
    We are looking forward to being Masterchefs too.
    From JuniorG

  6. Hi Junior G
    The BEST thing about all this cooking at school is that the teachers get to eat the leftovers! I was lucky enough to try some of Patricia’s fennel salad and I have not had this before. It was delicious! Today I tried a tasty spinach quiche made by Maria and some scrumptious cookies!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I know you are learning so much about healthy foods and are trying new things – well done.
    I wonder what your favourite food has been so far? Congratulations to all your wonderful parents who are sharing their talents with you.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  7. Hi Junior G,

    You are very lucky to be able to taste all that yummy food. Your parents must love coming in to help.
    I wonder what kind of recipes you will create? I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Keep up the great work!
    Ms. Tieppo

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