Local Shop Keepers enhancing our Learning

What a wonderful day we had as we walked the 2 kilometers through the back streets of Forest Hill, to make our way to the Fresh Food Market.
The Butchers at Denches were very entertaining as they led us through their Huge Refrigerator and into the cutting room.
The Fishmongers came out to share all their knowledge on eating and prepapring Fish, while supplying us with a delicious tasting platter.
The Baker shared freshly baked rolls with us all as we smelt the delights of the many interesting loaves and explored their kitchen.
Khoi at the Asian Grocers was fascinating as he explained the unique flavours and vegetables used in Asian cooking.
What a fantastic learning experience!

5 thoughts on “Local Shop Keepers enhancing our Learning

  1. Hello class,

    One of the great advantages of living in Australia is how good the quality of our fresh food is compared to many places in the world. Our country has welcomed people from so many countries in the world. They have brought new tastes and smells to us in their wonderful foods and cooking.

    I have taken classes through shops and markets as well. In my small town we visited our local Woolworths store and we shown all of the store’s storage and food preparation areas.

    Like your class, one of the things my classes always enjoyed were the free samples we were allowed to try.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    S.E. NSW

  2. Hi Ross,
    thankyou for commenting on our blog. We really enjoyed going in and seeing how the food is prepared especially at the butchers. We also enjoyed smelling the many unusual aromas at the market.
    We have learnt that it is important to eat a rainbow of foods. Do you eat a rainbow each day?

    We are now thinking about how we can create healthy food to share!

    Junior G

  3. Hi Juniors G,
    It looks like you have been learning fantastic things about food this term. What great experiences you have had so far with visiting the fresh food market and St. Thomas’ Sustainable garden.
    I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I also teach a Year 1/2 class at Holy Family Primary School in Mount Waverley. My class and I have just started learning about blogging this term. Our blog for the year 1/2s is called Jazzy Juniors. I am amazed at how many visitors you have had to your blog.
    Keep up the great learning!
    From Alison Dickson

  4. Aloha Everyone,
    What a wonderful experience! Living in Hawaii many people have never had such a tremendous opportunity. Your market is very much like the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We have a few stores here and there selling one product and open markets that are held weekly in certain areas but nothing compares. Much of our food is shipped to us on barges from the mainland United States.
    Loved your pictures and thanks so much for sharing.
    Mahalo nui loa,
    Mrs. Jacobs

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