Taking Action – News Report to help protect minibeasts

We have worked together in teams to produce an exciting SL News Update on what we can all do to help protect these important creatures.
Please Leave a comment to let us know what you think!!

Oliver Worked with a Team of Singers and Songwriters. We experimented with Garage Band to produce this awesome song about Protecting Spiders. Enjoy!
Oliver”s Spider song (mp3)
A Giant Red Back Spider

9 thoughts on “Taking Action – News Report to help protect minibeasts

  1. Dear Juniors,

    I just loved that very important Spider Rap!

    And congratulations on the very special news report, too.

    You are really spreading the news about mini-beasts and how special they are!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Oh my goodness. “Spiders, Spiders, don’t kill spiders…they eat flies and mozzies”….what a catchy song! I can’t stop singing it! I played it for my husband who used to be in a rock band, and he loved it. Oliver is very clever indeed. What a fantastic way to share your learning.
    The news report video was also very clever and well done. I learnt a lot from you.
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Mrs. Rutherford

  3. Hi Junior G,
    Your song is cool Oliver! It had great messages about spiders. We also liked the news reports they told us about what you have learnt about minibeasts and how they help us.
    Great work!
    Junior D

  4. Hi Junior G,

    I am so impressed with your News Report video. You all spoke like real reporters. A very interesting way to pass on your message!
    Keep up the great work!

    Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

  5. Hi Junior G,
    Fantastic!!!You have presented your learning in such an interesting way that I just want to know more about how I can look after minibeasts. I have learnt from you how important they are. Keep up the good work. It shows you care about the environment and you show great responsiblity in your actions.
    Mrs Clark

  6. Hi Junior G,
    Great news reports. You can see all the hard work you have put into preparing your information and making your presentations. There are obviously many strong advocates for mini-beasts in your class. We can see this by the feeling in the news reports and the great songs. It is fantastic to know the whole class is getting involved in making such good use of these new tools and make the Junior G website so interesting.
    Jo E

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