We made a movie to show our Discoveries

It was amazing to hear the childrens reflections on their learning. They have gone beyond collecting facts and data about minibeasts. They are now beginning to understand that minibeasts play a major role in the survival of a healthy environment.

26 thoughts on “We made a movie to show our Discoveries

  1. First of all, I love all hearing all about the discoveries you have made. Secondly, I love the movie. What a great way to record what your learned.

    Thanks Juniors (and Mrs Gridley)

  2. Thnks Mrs Coffa, we had fun recording our new learning and then making it into the movie. We are discovering so much about the environment and all its creatures that work together and help us and each other.
    From Junior G

  3. Dear junior g and Mrs gridley,
    I think the bears cute and it’s Amazing how you can do things like that I don’t know that Inquiry could be so fun. I’ve learnt a lot about Minibeasts this term. I learnt a lot of how Minibeasts help us.
    from Isabella

  4. Wow Junior G!!
    This video is fantastic. I love how you are able to tell us why minibeasts are important and how you were able to make an interesting video to show it. I think my class would love to try this idea out on our blog.
    Keep up the good work!

    Miss Gale

  5. Wow – what a fabulous message and a fun way to share it. Would you mind, Junior G, if I shared your video with my class on our blog please? We’re just starting an inquiry on the ecosystem so it would be a great intro!

  6. Thanks for your comment Miss H. we would be delighted if you used our video. There are other great minibeasts posts on our blog so please share those also. We will check out your blog to see what you can teach us also.
    From Mrs Verona Gridley and JuniorG.

  7. That’s exciting, thanks! I’ve posted your video up already and asked my learners to check out your other entries – I know they’ll love them. You can see your video at learninghub3.blogspot.com. I’m very impressed by what you’re doing as a junior class, you must be very focused learners!! Keep up the fabulous work. From Miss Holland

  8. Hi Junior G and Mrs. Gridley,

    I was very impressed with your fabulous facts about bees in your movie. I can see you have done lots of fabulous learning about mini beasts.

    What are your favourite mini beasts?
    Keep up the great work!
    from Ms. Tieppo

  9. I enjoyed hearing about your learning so much, Junior G. Thank you for sharing. You are mini-beast experts! I am so impressed with this tool that I am going to have a play with it myself.
    Thank you, Mrs. Gridley for inspiring me at the CLRP day today. You are fantastic!

    From Mrs. Rutherford

  10. I like the tool you have all used to share your learning and I know that there are some children at my school who would be very interested in reading your blog to learn about minibeasts.

    I am going to ask the children in my studio (grade) to look at your class blog because it is so fantastic. I hope it will help them to make their blogs better.

    Thankyou for sharing this with me today at the CLRP Mrs Gridley! Wonderful work!

  11. Wow Juniors Jig
    We loved watching your film. I has helped us to learn about how important minibeasts are too. We were wondering if you have any ideas as to how we can look after minibeasts. We love looking for them in the gardens at school and were wondering if it is a good idea to take them home so they can live in our gardens. What do you think?
    from Prep S

  12. Hi Junior G,

    Thats exactly right worms do give our soil very important nutrients. We need to keep our minibeasts safe and sound so we can have good soil and then good food.

    Honey is healthy and delicious made from Bee’s without Bee’s we wouldn’t have any honey. Keep our Bee’s safe.

    Cooper and Melanie

  13. Wow, you sure know lots about insects and plants and how they grow. There were some facts in that video that I didn’t even know!!!!Keep Learning, I look forward to seeing more of your minibeast work!!!
    Ellie 😉

  14. Great video telling us aboutminibeasts and why they are important in this world. We learnt a lot so well done.

  15. Looks like you have tried a lot to get this perfect we use a website called Voki it is really good. This blog is amazing and Funny. What a great Blog!

    High Lawn

  16. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are obviouisly enjoing your topic on insects and plants.And let me tell you, you know loads about it keep up the good work guys!! Macey ( high lawn) UK 🙂 🙂 🙂 WELL DONE!

  17. Yes Billy the VOKI website is fabulous! you can make anything e.g a famous person, a creature/animal or a normal person! you could use it to design a mini beast if you wanted to HAVE A PLAY WITH IT! By Macey and Misty 🙂 GOOD JOB

  18. Thanks macey and milly, I haven’t tried voki, but we will be sure to give it a try. Thanks for all of your comments. From mrs verona Gridley

  19. We loved your infomation and your a great facts. We loved listening to your video because it was entertaning and we loved your animations.WELL DONE!!!!!!!

    p.s We enjoyed your music in the back ground.

    From Shauna & Shannon.

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