19 thoughts on “Pat, the Bee Expert, came to visit

  1. Wow Junior G! It looks like you’ve all learned lots of new things about bees. Did you know that honey never goes off? I think that’s amazing.
    From Ashling’s Mum

  2. Hi Junior G

    That was such a fact filled afternoon we spent with Pat!
    I look forward to hearing more about what you have learned about bees and how they help us and we help them.

    From Ms Scott

  3. Pat told us that honey never goes off. The Ancient Egyptians ate honey. Some people found honey in a tomb that was still fresh after 2000 years.
    Pat taught us about Queen Bees, making honey, protecting their babies, bees wax and that male bees never work so they dont need a stinger. The girls do all the work so they have a stinger for protection.
    From The Juniors

  4. Wow! It looks like you have been doing lots of interesting work on creepie crawlies, it looks so much fun. I know my class would love it, having the bee man visiting them and also the wild zoo. Keep up the great work.

    Mrs Bailey, Miss Tidmarsh and Year 5

  5. This voice thread is great. It told us all about bees and honey.We learnt so much and it is really interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. No we didn’t get stung. The bees are very friendly ones. I filmed pat and his bees at his home. They were flying all around us but we never got stung.
    From mrs Gridley

  7. Hi Jordan and Ben, yes we love having visitors come in and help with our learning. We call it learning from experts. It always makes it fun and interesting. Thanks for your comments.
    Mrs Gridley

  8. Dear junior G and Mrs Gridley,
    My grandfather has bees. He doesn’t take honey from his hive any more. In Poland I only see European Wasps! I love learning about minnibeasts and how they help us!
    From Natalia

  9. Wow I hope it was very interesting to listen to what Pat ( the bee expert ) had too say all about bees and I hope you had fun

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