Discovering Habitats at Wandinong Sanctuary

scorpionA witchety grubCentipedeOn Wednesday we visited a local sanctuary full of native flora and fauna to find out what makes a healthy habitat for minibeasts. We were delighted to discover many and varied minibeasts living in these natural surrounds.
We saw
* scorpions
* bull ants
* cicada shells
* giant grubs
* many spiders
* caterpillars
* butterflies
* dragonflies and more….DSCN0151DSCN0119

10 thoughts on “Discovering Habitats at Wandinong Sanctuary

  1. Dear Mrs. Gridley and junior G,
    WOW! You must have seen heaps of different Insects and Minibeasts.
    I am very amazed you saw a scorpions. I wish I had seen it too.
    From Eden

  2. I loved all the photos of the mini beasts Amelia took with her new camera. I am looking forward to coming into junior m soon for parent help and perhaps I will hear more mini beast words you have thought of!

  3. Hi juniors,
    Great blog. I hope you are all going well and staying happy. I saw your pictures on Wandinong Sanctuary. I also went there when I was a junior G and I had lots of fun! You are doing some great work and I wish I was back in junior G!

    Do you think going to Wandinong Sanctuary helped you learn?? If so do you think excursions are the best way of learning??

    Good job. from Corinne in Middle MY

  4. Thanks Corinne!
    We did learn many new things at Wandinong Sanctuary. Excursions are a great way to learn but some students think that researching is better, some agreed that going out and discovering things for yourself was better and some others said that guest speakers and experts, help them to learn.
    Mrs Gridley and JuniorG

  5. The Wandinong Sanctuary sounds excellent. I hope you learnt a lot about lots about minibeasts and other animals. If I was in Australia, I would like to go their.

  6. Cool, it sounds like you found lots of awesome creatures and useful information. It must have been very fascinating!!! XD

  7. Wow how can you get that close to a scorpian you are so brave and lucky you can see scorpians!

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