15 thoughts on “Insect Artwork

  1. Dear Mrs.Gridley and junior G,
    I think we did a great job making our insect artwork. They all look amazing!

    Sammy has been having a great time, sleeping in two caravans, and seeing lots of interesting things on the way up.

    Right now we are in Caloundra, QueensLand. It’s very warm and sunny.
    Today, very soon we are going to the BEACH! I can’t wait.

    I hope you’re all having fun.

    From Eden

  2. I like those insects you guys have made. Those patterns look beautiful. No one can do things like that. Thats extraodinary! Tamanna. :-):).

  3. These art pieces are simply stunning, what a great way to present your ideas and work. I am loving this blog and love looking at the exciting way that you present your learning. Great work.
    Mrs Duxbury (High lawn Primary)

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