5 thoughts on “We used Play-doh to make minibeasts

  1. Some of these minibeasts look very scary and others look scary but also loveable.

    How did you learn to make sure fearsome creatures and then look so happy in your pictures?

    Mrs. R

  2. Hi Mrs Soltau-Heller and grade 1’s, we did have fun creating these minibeasts. We have learned that a minibeast is an invertebrate, a creature without a backbone. All insects are minibeasts. We only use play-doh sometimes. It is good fun and helps develop our creative skills to show our learning.
    From Mrs Gridley and JuniorG

  3. Hi Junior G

    I really like your Play-doh mini beasts. It shows that you have thought a lot about what each creature should look like.

    Great work!

    From Ms Scott

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