Ambient Orchestras came to our School

Wordle: performing arts

Last week we were very lucky to have Ambient Orchestras come to our school and inspire us to become songwriters, musicians and performers.

We were divided into 4 groups. Each group wrote a song about one of the 4 seasons, made up dance moves, then incorporated music and sound effects. It was an amazing day as we all developed new talents and became performers. The whole school came to watch our show. We felt proud!

4 thoughts on “Ambient Orchestras came to our School

  1. We are from Maryland in the USA. We like your blog. Our school does not have one. But we like music too like you show on your blog. My family has watched Mary Poppins on TV. It is a fun show.

  2. Hello Juniors!
    I am in Hong Kong now with all of my family.
    I’m having a great time… next we’re heading off to London! I can’t wait!
    I miss Mrs. Gridley and all my friends in Junior G and M.
    Love from Ashling in China!

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