12 thoughts on “Our Talents Carousal

  1. I loved your blog update!! The dances and talents you demonstrated looked excellent! you seem to be having a great time and learning alot!! I think there’s alot ot talent in JG!!
    I will look forward to seeing more of your learning on your blog!

  2. What creative Juniors! making music is one of my fvourite things to do but I can’t dance too well!!! I love to play the piano, the guitar and sometimes the violin!

    Keep on grooving!

    Mrs Yore

  3. Dear Mrs Yore,
    thankyou for your comment. Would you PLEASE come and share your talents with us. We would love to hear you play the violin.
    From Junior G

  4. Wow, sure looks like you had a fabulous time in your talent carusal! You sure lookied like udding superstars to me!!! Keep it up!!!Ellie 😉

  5. You looked like you had fun doing dancing,singing,acting and playing with musical instruments from shannon

  6. Hi Billy and kieran, yes I do know Dr Who! I don’t usually watch it but I know that some of my students do. They will be very interested to read about what you are doing.
    Is studying Dr Who helping you to learn? Why?
    From mrs Gridley

  7. WOW, its definately looks like you had great time during the Talent Carousel! You must have spent a lot of time working your socks off. XD

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