Toy Town

Today in Math we were doing model making.
First we had to copy some simple models from the illustrations.
Next we created the tallest tower that we could and then we tried to sketch it.
Finally we worked in pairs to create a building in a town. We designed a Toy Town. It had streets and traffic lights. We put it all together and used toy cars to play in toy town. The Math we did was:
* Space
* Shapes
* Counting
* Patterns
* Design
* Mapping
It was one of the best Math lessons ever.

5 thoughts on “Toy Town

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  2. Dear Juniors,
    I really love your toy town and will show the Middles tomorrow. We used the same blocks but ours were chocolates. Each colour was a flavour. Green was mint, white was nougat, black was licorice and so on! Did you see our work?

    Mrs Yore

  3. Dear Junior G
    We loved seeing you being Maths Smart. What was the trickiest part of this activity?
    from Prep S and Mrs Swann
    The ‘Toy Town’ was fantastic. I would like to play in your ‘Toy Town’. How did you make the ‘Toy Town’? (Jackson)
    I really like your ‘Toy Town’. Did it take you a long time to make? (Bridie)
    Your town looks really fantastic. Are you going to make it again? (Angus)

  4. What a great job building toy town.
    you have been learning your maths skills to get go ideas.
    From:Akon and Raquel

  5. Wow!!!!
    I really like the Toy Town you kids built. I think that it is very unique and creative i can tell you kids have a big imagination and that’s a very good thing. Keep up the good work. =P

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