The Art Show – “Our Stories”

The Art Show on PhotoPeach

The Art Show on PhotoPeach
The Art Show on PhotoPeach

Joe-I saw some people who had the Australian flag on their work. It showed where they came from. I enjoyed the new designs of the flag.
Akon-Looking at the art helps us to understand other peoples cultures and show them respect.
Madeline-It’s good to tell our stories through art because we can share the message about being respectful and kind to people from other countries. Adam-The art show was fun and all the art was really beautiful. I can’t pick a favourite piece.
Eden-The artshow helped us to learn more about different countries and where other people come from. We learnt more about what they do in other countries.
Gemma-It was great to see my brothers and cousins artwork.
Matt-I think the artshow is cool. It takes a lot of time and effort. It is amazing how everyone is displaying their art. Our whole class piece stands out from all the others because it shows all our different countries.
Amber-We can see all the different grades artwork and learn about what they have been doing this term.
Maddie-I like the set-up of the room especially the pink ribbon around the room. I like the way the grade 5/6 made all the large people. The hair was great. They borrowed props to use for their people.
Nic-I like how they put the withes on the lights instead of on the walls.
The Art Show

7 thoughts on “The Art Show – “Our Stories”

  1. I know that St. Luke’s has so many talented artists – and now the rest of the world does too! Congratulations everyone!
    Mrs K

  2. What a colourful art show!! St Luke’s artists are very talented. I love helping my students learn about art. In The Middles, we learn about lots of famous artists. We use their aartwoprks to help us create new ideas and new artworks.

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