Mask Making

We are continuing to discover new Cultures everyday. Today we looked at Clive’s Blog. He is teaching in SriLanka. We loved seeing the parades masks and costumes in SriLanka.
We have designed and created our own masks to represent our learning of different countries.
These masks will be a feature in our Art Show next week.
Do you like our plans and finished masks?Laura's Croatian maskCorinne's Italian Mask

Riley's mask

4 thoughts on “Mask Making

  1. These masks are terrific. The finished masks are really close to your plans. The colours you’ve used are really bright and make the masks interesting. I am a teacher in Adelaide, Australia and I hope to see more of your interesting work on this blog.

  2. Beautiful masks! I really like how your sketch and finished products are displayed side by side. You could insert these pics into a Voicethread, and tell us the steps you took to make them.

  3. Hi Juniors,
    your masks look really great! We think its good that you had planned what you were doing.

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