Australia is a Great Big Melting Pot of different Cultures

How do different cultures enrich our community?



Melting Pot

Today we reflected on our learning Journey through our inquiry unit. We used sentence starters and chose a photo to reflect on. We mixed all the experiences into the Melting Pot. We are beginning to understand why it is so important to respect and appreciate what the many different Cultures contribute to our Community.

Then, our friend Clive in Sri Lanka  (who is a regular reader of our blog) , told us about this song from a long time ago (ha!)

10 thoughts on “Australia is a Great Big Melting Pot of different Cultures

  1. Hey I think the book parade was ausum (awesome) did you?
    I liked the art gallery my favourite part was the ladder that went forever.

  2. we went to the art gallery we touched the water
    we went in the art gallery we saw all the statues.
    by harry

  3. Dear Juniors,
    This reminds me of a song from 1969. It goes “what we need is a great big melting pot. Big enough for the world and all it’s got!”
    I really like the picture of your models from all over the world with all those happy faces. And your voicethread is really cool. Great work!

  4. I just love your melting pot display, especially the little “people” below the big poster.

    Canada, like Australia, is made richer by the people who bring different foods, habits, and ways of being in the world to the streets and workplaces of Canada.

    My grandparents were “immigrants” and I can remember that they were called “limeys” because they came from the United Kingdom. There were also many immigrants from Italy and they were called “wops!” Neither of these terms are very nice, but it shows you what a change can happen in a lifetime (my lifetime) of appreciating that immigrants can make life richer and better for a country.

    Keep up the great work 🙂 Ms. Young (High School teacher from Ontario, Canada)

  5. Loving your work so much, Juniors. The costumes are just magnificent. Your work is so colourful…it makes me think how all the colours represent different cultures and that when the colours are all put together, it is so beautiful!

  6. Fantastic to know that the kids of today are being taught to respect and embrace cultures from all over the world!!LOVE IT
    Keep up the good work

  7. Hi Juniors,

    I love the Melting Pot idea. It really shows how Australia is made up of so many different cultures. I loved the voicethread you made too. Well done

  8. That is pretty cool I like masks
    and art because on masks you can
    either just make them or express
    you feelings even in art you can
    and you have an awesome blog keep it up.

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